If you go down to the woods today...

March 12th, 2015

avatar Rowena Kiedyk
Published in Miscellaneous, Year 1

Another fun day at Forest school! Today we learned about spiders. Did you know that there are 35,000 species of spider?! Today we had a go at climbing through a huge spider web that had appeared in the woods, then we made some little spiders of our own, can you spot any in the pictures? At the end of the day we had hot chocolate which had been warmed up on the fire we lit ourselves. What a great way to spend the afternoon!


P1000026 P1000027 P1000028 P1000029 P1000030 P1000031 P1000033 P1000035 P1000037  P1000039 P1000040 P1000042 P1000043 P1000044 P1000046 P1000051 P1000053 P1000057

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