Orchard Class Find Dinosaur Eggs!

April 16th, 2015

avatar Natasha Marley
Published in SSC

Upon returning to school, we discovered that a dinosaur had broken into our classroom and stolen some precious dinosaur eggs! Luckily an explorer had left us a helpful note and some clues, so we could try to find them! We dashed and we searched, working really hard as a team; and eventually we found the dinosaur nest in the corner of the field! We had to be really quiet in case the dinosaur came to get us!

The explorer had left us another note. It explained that we needed to place the eggs in water and wait for them to hatch!  We did this, and amazingly, the next day the eggs had hatched! We each had a different dinosaur that we need to look after!

We wrote to the explorer and told him that the dinosaurs are now safe. In maths we measured the footprints so he could find out what type of dinosaur had stolen the eggs!

This was a really exciting way to start our new topic! P1000702 P1000709 P1000711 P1000713 P1000719 P1000733 P1000740 P1000761 P1000724


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