Walnut Class visit Portsmouth...

April 29th, 2015

avatar Ali Sole
Published in Miscellaneous, Year 6

Walnut Class topic for the first half of this term is “A tour of Europe”. We will be looking at the city of Portsmouth, its history and the role of its port as a gateway to visiting European Cities.

So to begin our topic, on Wednesday 22nd April, Walnut Class travelled by train to Portsmouth to visit the Spinnaker Tower and Portsmouth City Museum to learn more about the history of the waterfront city.P1000090

On the glass ceiling in Spinnaker Tower

P1000091 P1000097

Admiring the view!

P1000101 P1000113 P1000115

At Portsmouth City Museum…

P1000128 P1000134 P1000138 P1000142 P1000144 P1000146

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