Parklands' Storytelling Chair

November 22nd, 2015

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Last year the School Council started a project with Chichester College to design and build a Storytelling Chair for the pupils at Parklands.


The 2014-15 School Council representatives met with the design students from Chichester College in the Summer term. They gave the students a tour of the school, explained where the Storytelling Chair would be situated and discussed the elements that they would like the chair to include e.g. storage for books and room for two pupils. They then spent the afternoon working in small groups to sketch out different ideas.


The design students then had the Storytelling Chair as their college project.


Two weeks ago the pupils visited Chichester College where the students presented their final designs. Models of all the designs had been completed along with explanations of each group’s design process. The pupils voted on the design that they most liked and a winner has been chosen.






We were so impressed with the quality of all the designs that on Thursday 5th November we held a ‘Storytelling Chair Exhibition’ in the school hall between 1.45pm and 3.30pm.


The 2014-15 School Council and some of the Chichester College students were on hand to answer any questions.











The winning design was:


This chair will now be built by students at Chichester College before being housed in our school library! Watch this space and we will keep you updated with it’s progress!

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