Ice to Meet You!

December 8th, 2015

avatar Esther Flower
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On Thursday 3rd December, Year 2 were very excited to be visited by John Bolton, an ice sculptor. As part of their topic, ‘Ice’, John came to show the pupils how he carves his sculptures and uses different tools such as chisels, sanders and even a chainsaw!


John and the pupils transformed a one metre block of ice (that weighed 120kg!) into a snowboarding penguin, complete with bobble hat, goggles and the Parklands’ name! 




Year 2 wrote thank you letters to John:

Dear John

Thank you for the ice sculpture, we love it! We were so impressed with you. You are so jolly and clever – we don’t think we could have done that. We really enjoyed how you made it. Everyone liked watching you and how you made the shapes. We liked how you made the penguin with your tools, especially the chainsaw. You are awesome and the best ice sculptor in the world! All of us thought the penguin was really good.  That was a funny penguin because it had a hat!

Thank you for coming.

Love Chestnut Class





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