Year One Trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum

March 8th, 2016

avatar Rowena Kiedyk
Published in Year 1

To end our ‘On The Move’ topic Birch Class went on a trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum. We had a tour of the museum and found out about the history of transport. In the afternoon we had a competition to see who could build the best car. We tested them by seeing which car went the furthest when going down a ramp. We learnt lots about the history of transport and had a really fun day.P1000682 P1040556 P1040549 P1040548 P1040535 P1040534 P1040532 P1040531 P1040530 P1040529 P1040528 P1040527 P1040526 P1040525 P1040524 P1040522 P1040521 P1020071 P1020070 P1020069 P1020063 P1020062 P1020061 P1020057 P1020056 P1020055 P1020054 P1020053 P1020052 P1020051 P1020050 P1020049 P1020047 P1020046 P1020045 P1020044 P1020042 P1020041 P1020039 P1020034 P1020032 P1020029 P1020027 P1020025 P1020024 P1020023 P1020022 P1020021 P1020018 P1020012 P1020010 P1020009 P1020008 P1020007 P1020006 P1020005 P1020004 P1020003 P1020001 P1010999 P1010997 P1010996 P1010995 P1010994 P1010993 P1010992 P1010991 P1010988 P1010987 P1000696 P1000691 P1000689 P1000687 P1000685 P1000684 P1000683 P1000682 P1000681 P1000678 P1000677 P1000676 P1000659 P1000654 P1000645 P1000643

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