Buses, Trains & Automobiles - Year 2 travel to Amberley!

April 13th, 2016

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As part of last term’s ‘Travel and Adventure’ topic, Year 2 visited Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre.

We had a fantastic day with fantastic weather!

We took part in a ‘Journey’ workshop, which looked at buses through time.


We took a ride on a vintage ‘South Down’ bus and some of us dressed up as drivers and conductors.


It was an open-top double decker!



We visited all of the transport exhibits, which included a steam engine, railway locomotives, a ticket office from 1894, a 1920’s bus garage, 1930’s cycle repair shop, 1950’s fire station and the museum of road making.



We got to ride on a train around Amberley.


And print the Parklands’ name!

DSCF0614 P1000712

We even saw a potter make a mug.

P1000741 DSCF0615



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