Hedgehog Days at Parklands School

November 14th, 2017

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We all had a wonderful couple of days last week, learning all about hedgehogs.   Our school logo is the hedgehog and this is because, when the headteacher first walked up the school path, a hedgehog ran out in front of her.  At that point, the first headteacher of Parklands School decided to make the hedgehog the school’s logo!

During our Hedgehog Days the whole school learnt about hedgehogs in a fun and creative way.   The children enjoyed a really wide range of activities such as creating pom pom hedgehogs, watercolour painting, creating hedgehog top trump cards and writing letters to encourage people to look after hedgehogs as they are becoming quite endangered.














We also were lucky enough to be visited by Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital who told us all about how we can help hedgehogs and bought in a real hedgehog for us to see.   It was really cute!

The school would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all the wonderful donations given for Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital.  They are so grateful and this will certainly help with the care of the 138 hedgehogs and many other animals they have in the hospital at the moment.

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