Parklands Goes Spotty for Children in Need!

November 21st, 2017

avatar Esther Flower
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On Friday 17th November, all the pupils at Parklands went ‘SPOTACULAR’ for Children in Need 2017.

On the run up to the activities, the children had been busy buying the Pudsey merchandise and had already raised an amazing £600!

To add to this total, the children brought in £1 to dress up in spots and any loose change that they could find to try and make the most expensive ‘spot’ in our school hall.

The children took part in Pudsey themed activities and we ended the day with the busiest cake sale we have ever had!

So much money was donated that it will take us a little while to count it all but the School Council and some Y6 pupils made a great start. Watch this space for the grand total.


Thank you to everyone who donated.



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