Year 4 Viking Day!

January 15th, 2018

avatar Toby Broom
Published in Year 4

We had an absolutely amazing Viking day in Year 4. Ragnor, who was dressed like a real Viking, came and taught us all about the Vikings. We were all dressed up; even Mr Thornton and Mr Broom! Our costumes looked amazing, thank you to all the parents/carers that put them together.

We re-enacted a Viking battle using the shields that we had made in class and the swords we brought in. Maple class won the battle! Ragnor brought in some fascinating replica weapons that the Vikings would have used. Don’t worry they were all blunt. We were surprised at how heavy they all were and how much they would have been worth back in the Viking age.

Ragnor taught us all about Viking life, such as the food that they used to eat and the clothing that they used to wear. During the day we got to investigate some different Viking artefacts and try and work out what they were used for. One of the most fascinating objects was the chain mail that Ragnor wore for some of the day. Only the richest of Vikings could afford it as it was made from thousands of tiny metal rings riveted together. It was incredibly heavy to wear.

One re-occurring theme that came up was the different uses the Viking had for poo and wee as It was used to make lots of different things such as leather. We were all very glad that we do not do that today.

Our favourite part of the day was definitely at the end with the Viking burial. We all acted out digging a giant hole to fit in a Viking longship. We found out that when someone important died, it was not only them that were buried but also their servant, their dogs and horses, all their valuables and weapons. Everything was put in the longship and buried. We had great fun re-enacting this.

We had a fantastic day and cannot wait to learn more about the Vikings this term.

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