Incredible Eggs!

June 12th, 2018

avatar Cerys Mainwaring
Published in Early Years

Wow! What an exciting week we have had in our Reception Classes, Apple and Ash!

Last Tuesday 8 eggs arrived and were put into an incubator! We have been lucky enough to see them hatch right before our eyes in our early years classrooms!

The children have loved watching the eggs hatch and are fascinated by the chicks (as are the adults!!). The children have been kind and caring towards the chicks and have enjoyed stroking and holding them.

It really has inspired our learning! We have had…..chick paintings, egg stories, dances, masks, poems, chick pens, homes and even an obstacle course! Lucky chicks! The writing that has been produced has been wonderful!

It really has been an incredible experience that we won’t forget!



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