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December 11th, 2018

avatar Oliver Radlett
Published in Year 6

As we awaited our coach on the Monday morning, it was safe to say that the children’s nerves and adrenaline were running high. It had certainly been a long-awaited and highly anticipated trip and the children almost couldn’t believe their eyes as the coach drove past some of the daunting obstacles that they would be facing in the week! Once we had arrived, the children soon had to face their first challenge, making their beds, which was truly a spectacle to behold. Soon after, the children set off for their first activities which were followed by dinner. Impressively, the children ate really well whilst we were away and enjoyed the variety of food Kingswood had to offer.

Whilst at Kingswood, the children thoroughly enjoyed a whole host of activities, from zip-lining to abseiling, and just about everything in-between! It was awesome to see so many of the children breaking down personal barriers and overcoming new obstacles. Although some of these personal barriers may have looked different for different children, it was inspiring to see so many of them giving things a go which were out of their comfort zones, which was an important part of the ethos at Kingswood.

The teachers were not only extremely proud of how the children behaved and dealt with being away from home, but also of the way they respected and supported one another throughout the trip. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents once again for all of the amazing support you have given.

The Year 6 Team.

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