Year 6 visit Dell Quay and County Hall

March 12th, 2019

avatar Oliver Radlett
Published in Year 6

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their conservancy trip to Dell Quay and County Hall. In the morning, the children were split up into six different groups, each representing a different part of the community. They were then set off on different tasks designed to help get them thinking whether or not it would be a good idea for a proposed footpath to be put in around the whole of the UK.

Using the local footpaths and the surrounding area of Dell Quay, the children got to experience first-hand some of the positive and negative impacts that the proposed path could have. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the trip for the children was the debate held at County Hall, Chichester. Equipped with microphones and their ideas from the morning, the children maturely discussed some of many pros and cons of the proposed path, a discussion led by the elected Chair Person, Martha.

Look out local MPs, Willow Class are coming!

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