Kingley Vale Art Walk

October 8th, 2019

avatar Oliver Radlett
Published in Miscellaneous

What a fantastic time some of our lucky children had at the captivating Kingley Vale! We were led by local artist, Trudy Redfern, who guided the children on a fascinating walk showing them how to identify and record elements from our natural environment. It was brilliant to see our children embracing nature and using it as a stimulus for some awesome artwork.

The children took part in a range of identification activities, collecting natural resources before using them to create prints and sketches. It goes without saying that our children were left inspired by the many activities they took part in, such as bark rubbing where they used charcoal to sketch over paper creating a beautifully textured image. I think one of the highlights for the children was using a feather dipped in ink to sketch out one of the acorns they had collected! Thank you again to Trudy Redfern for this brilliant opportunity.

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