Pupils are taught Music once a week in their own classes. The school has recently purchased new tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments to support the children’s development in both composing and performing in the curriculum.

We are concerned with the wider development of our children and for this reason, have worked hard to raise the profile and status of Music. In order to do this, we ensure children have an opportunity to perform in whole school or Key Stage productions and assemblies.

At the moment, all of our Year 3 children are learning to play djembe drums. Peripatetic teachers regularly visit the school and offer lessons in singing, violin, piano, recorder, woodwind and guitar.

Every year we provide an opportunity for children to join either the lower or upper school choirs. At Christmas the choirs combine to perform at local care homes and at the Cross in the city. Last year we were part of the ‘Switching on of Lights’ event – it was a fantastic experience for the children.

Music National Curriculum

Parklands Community Primary School Long Term Curriculum Map 2018-2019 Music


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