We aim to provide a broad and balanced P.E. curriculum to aid children’s increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations. Through a balance of individual, paired and group activities, we aim to cater for the different strengths, needs and preferences of each child, using differentiated activities where appropriate. We believe that through the variety of opportunities that PE offers, children can develop a sense of personal achievement, fair play, teamwork and an understanding of the ways in which sport can transcend social and cultural boundaries.

All pupils have two hours of PE timetabled each week to cover the six main areas of the National Curriculum which are dance, gymnastics, games, swimming, athletics, and outdoor and adventurous activities. In Early Years and KS1, PE lessons focus on dance, gymnastics and games and in KS2 all areas are covered. Swimming is offered for children in Year 5. A healthy lifestyle is also promoted. Alongside the PE Curriculum the children have the opportunity to participate in numerous lafter school sports clubs including running club, football, hockey, rounders, netball, multiskills, dance and karate. A selection of these are offered at different times throughout the school year.

Each year, the school participates in sporting competitions organised between local schools, such as Tag rugby competitions organised by Chichester Rugby Club and swimming galas organised by Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club. We have developed links with Chichester College and Chichester University, whose students come and work alongside our pupils, especially focussing on games skills.

PE National Curriculum 

Parklands Community Primary School Long Term Curriculum Map 2018-2019 PE

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