At Parklands, we endeavour to make Science as creative and exciting as we can with an emphasis on first hand practical experiences and exploration. There is great focus on the Scientific skills, through which we develop the children’s knowledge of the subject.

The children are encouraged to think for themselves and they work with other children on collaborative projects such as our exciting ‘Science Week’. We also run an annual ‘Eureka’ science club for those children that are motivated to learn more about how science, technology, engineering and mathematics can affect and improve our lives.

We have recently made links with schools in the local area through a very important project that encourages children to learn through first hand experiences and exploration of the outdoor environment. This exciting venture has led to us co-producing a specialist guide for teachers and children to use within the new science curriculum.

Science National Curriculum

Parklands Community Primary School Long Term Curriculum Map 2018-2019 Science

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