Parklands School Association

The school has an active PSA, which organises a range of events throughout the year. Not only are these enjoyable but they also raise useful sums of money for the school. Events include Summer and Christmas Fairs, parent BBQs and discos for the children, gardening parties in the school grounds and sponsored challenges. More social events for parents are planned, subject to interest.

The financial contribution from the PSA can be seen all around the school, from the outdoor play equipment e.g. the trim trails, iPads and laptops, classroom resources, to financing theatre trips and Forest Schools. However much money is raised, the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the children who participate in these events is the best reward for all involved.

The PSA is run by parents with help from staff and all parents/grandparents/carers of pupils at school are welcome to join in and help shape future activities. The Committee is elected at an Annual Meeting and Committee meetings are held roughly once each half-term to decide upon and organise coming events. Anyone connected with the school is welcome to attend.

The PSA can be contacted via the school office by telephone, email or in person. They also have their own email address:

The PSA have their own website where, once you have registered, you will be able to buy tickets for events, volunteer to help out and keep track of upcoming events.

Minutes 17 October 2018

Minutes 7 November 2018

Minutes 6 March 2019

Please note that the final accounts for 2016 and the accounts to the end of April 2017 are available to view on request. Please contact the PSA directly or the school office for further information.



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