Our British Values

All maintained schools must meet the requirements set out in section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of their pupils. Through ensuring pupils’ SMSC development, schools can also demonstrate they are actively promoting fundamental British values.

At Parklands we fully support the government’s drive to promote fundamental British values. These British Values are: democracy; individual liberty; the rule of law; mutual respect; tolerance of those with different faiths and belief. Each is defined below and placed in a school context through the use of examples. It is, without question, everyone’s duty to ensure they do not undermine these fundamental British values as detailed in the current Teacher Standards Part Two: Personal and Professional Conduct.

We are also fully committed to the Government’s Prevent Strategy, which is aimed at ensuring all children are kept free from radicalisation and extremist causes. More details of this can be accessed by clicking here.



    • Elected representatives to School Council
    • The pupils voted on the storytelling chair design they wanted Chichester College students to make
    • Mock elections held on General election day, 8th June 2017
    • The School Council worked with their classes to agree on a new school logo
    • Pupils vote on various decisions that need to be made in their classes e.g. Year 2 voted for the name of their mascot
    • Y6 pupils visited the Council Chambers at County Hall in Chichester to develop their debating and discussion skills
    • Pupil voice in key decision making processes e.g. fundraising for charities, activities on specific days (World Book Day)



    • Pupils decided on the school’s Golden Rules and playtime rules
    • Pupils understand the school rules, and follow them
    • Behaviour/Class Charters are signed by every pupil at the beginning of the year
    • Pupils sign the Home/school agreement
    • Visits by our local school Police liaison officer
    • The increasing liberty afforded to pupils as they move up through the years
    • There are discussions about how rules that we follow in school relate to the real world



    • Pupils being free to choose from the free fruit and vegetables that we provide
    • Opportunities for pupils to learn how to be safe when online
    • Accountability is stressed to all stakeholders including staff [Teacher’s Standards], pupils [school rules], and Governors
    • Pupils are free to choose which extra-curricular clubs they attend
    • Pupils are encouraged to voice their opinions
    • Y6 acknowledge National Holocaust Day
    • Pupils take part in activities for Remembrance Day and observe a two minute silence



    • Our school ethos statement
    • Assembly introducing Fairtrade activities and promotion of sustainability
    • Surveys with pupils, staff and parents to help inform school decisions
    • Ensuring its prominence as one of our core school values and rules
    • Kind words and actions are recognised and rewarded
    • We are part of the Bike It initiative and Walk Once a Week Project. This helps us monitor the way we travel to school and reinforces how we should respect our local area
    • In relationships education, the pupils learn about mutual respect in our own and other cultures



  • Assemblies which are provided by a wide range of speakers, including those with different faiths
  • RE lessons taught from EY -Y6
  • Celebrations of different religious festivals e.g. Early Years celebrated Chinese New Year and Diwali
  • Parents willingly come in and share their own faith with pupils as part of the RE curriculum e.g. as part of our Judaism lessons
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