Early Years

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at Parklands Community Primary School. We are all extremely proud of our school and Early Years provision. At Parklands we are committed to providing the best possible education for all our children. We know that Parklands is a happy school where children feel valued and where parents are welcomed as partners in their child’s education. We provide a friendly and secure environment in which all children can acquire and develop the essential skills, concepts, attitudes and knowledge that allow them to become independent, inquisitive and caring members of society.

The children in our Early Years class have the time, space and resources needed for investigation, exploration and socialisation. They are able to make mistakes without experiencing a sense of failure. We provide time for children to talk, to share their experiences and build relationships with adults and their peers. We monitor the children’s learning to ensure that they receive a broad and balanced range of experiences.

We continuously track children’s development using an on-line assessment tool called Tapestry. Parents and carers are able to view photos and comments of their child’s learning experiences via a secure web site and are also able to up load home learning experiences, adding to a complete overview of each child’s learning journey.

The Early Years Foundation Stage and Early Learning Goals

Learning should be fun and accessible to children in a stimulating environment, both indoors and outdoors. At Parklands we want children to be enthusiastic about their education. We choose our topics so that they appeal to children, they focus on things that are familiar to them and that will interest and excite them. The curriculum has three prime and six specific areas of learning that provide children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to ensure maximum achievement in the future.

Prime areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical Development

Moving and handling

Health and self-care


Communication and Language

Listening and attention




Specific areas







Shape, space and measure


Understanding the World

People and communities

The world



Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials

Being imaginative


Apple Class is taught by Miss Roisin MacGregor along with the teaching assistants: Miss Jessica Venables, Ms Charlotte Denman and Mrs Megan Manning.

Ash Class is taught by Mr James Oldman along with the teaching assistants: Mrs Joanne McKenna, Mrs Stacey Collard, Mrs Megan Manning and Mrs Anna Jones.

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