Year 4

There are two classes in Year 4.

Maple Class are taught by Mrs Nicola Morris and Mr Gavin Jones. They are supported throughout the week by teaching assistant, Miss Kelly Harvey.

Mulberry Class are taught by Mr John Thornton and Miss Esther Flower. They are supported throughout the week by Mrs Lisa Balmer and Mrs Cathy Duroe.

In Year 4, the pupils continue on their journey to becoming more independent learners. We encourage them to think for themselves and try to find out answers to problems. They work together in small groups, with partners and independently.  The topics in Year 4 are:

– Indus Valley

– A Taste of India

– I Predict a Riot

– Carnival of Animals

– Secret Shores

Homework in Year 4 is set once a week. It mainly alternates between Maths and Literacy, although sometimes it may be a topic related homework. The work set will generally develop learning which has taken place at school or be something to help children to prepare for a future lesson. There will also be times when Take Away Tasks will be set where children will spend a few weeks working on a longer project. As well as this more formally set homework, children are also expected to spend time reading, learning times tables and other maths facts as well as learning spellings.

More details of the curriculum for Year 4 can be found in the Hedgehog Herald.

YEAR 4 – Parklands Community Primary School Long Term Curriculum Map 2016-17

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