Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

At Parklands we have two Year 5 Classes, Pear and Poplar Class.

Pear Class is taught by Mr Toby Broom.

Poplar Class is taught by Mr Daniel Howe.

The classes are supported throughout the week by our wonderful teaching assistants: Miss Rebecca Murray, Mrs Selina Fancourt, Mrs Charlotte Denman and  Mrs Anna Jones.

Year 5 is the first year in the Upper Junior part of the school. While in Year 5, the pupils are given more responsibilities, such as buddying up with a pupil in KS1 to support them with their reading and mental maths skills and becoming Librarians. Pupils build on skills learnt in previous years to become more independent in their learning, such as researching information to help learn about Queen Victoria.

The topics that are taught in Year 5 are:

– The Victorians

– Space

– Natural Disasters

– The Ancient Greeks

– Enterprise

To help inspire and engage the pupils with these topics, Year 5 have a Victorian day, visit the planetarium, meet with local business owners, set up their own business as part of the “Fiver Challenge”, visit local shops and have a Greek day.

Year 5 also have a weekly swimming lesson at the Westgate Leisure Centre and work alongside students from Chichester University in order to compete in a Mini Olympics festival held in June.


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