Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

At Parklands we have two Year 3 Classes, Hawthorn and Hazel Class.

Hawthorn Class is taught by Mrs Tanya O’Boyle and is supported by class teaching assistant, Mrs Lisa Balmer. Hawthorn Class are also supported by Mrs Lisa Slattery, Mrs Megan Manning, and Mr Sam Smith.

Hazel Class is taught by Mr Martin Jones and is supported by their class teaching assistants, Mrs Lisa Balmer, Miss Jess Thompson, Miss Nicola Carley, and Mrs Selina Fancourt.

This is where we begin the school year as Juniors! We learn in a cross curricular way and have many exciting topics throughout the year. We use the locality and our rich local history in our learning as much as possible.

This year our topics are:

– A River Adventure

– The Egyptians

– Stone Age to Romans

We begin with a River Adventure and trace the course of the local River Lavant. We use geographical field studies and first hand encounters during this topic.

We then travel back in time to ancient Egypt in the Spring term where we learn what it was like to live under the rule of the pharaohs.

During the summer term we study the ancient history of Britain and our locality. We step back to the Stone Age, visiting Butser Ancient Farm and experience the different crafts and lifestyles of ancient Britons. Later, we discover how Britain changed when the Romans invaded and settled. Fishbourne Roman Palace is an excellent local resource which we visit.

Throughout the year pupils are expected to complete weekly 30 minute homework tasks. These alternate between mathematics, English and topic related activities. Pupils should read at home daily and learn spellings, mathematics facts and multiplication tables for weekly tests at school.

YEAR 3 – Parklands Community Primary School Long Term Curriculum Map 2017-18

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