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At Parklands Community Primary School we are artists!


Through a robust, creative and engaging curriculum, we encourage children to explore the vibrant world of art. At Parklands School we use a variety of teaching and learning methods in art, with our core aim being to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. Our broad art curriculum gives children the opportunity to investigate, explore and develop ideas as well as evaluate, revisit and improve their work. These opportunities have been planned deliberately to compliment topics taught in other subject areas, to provide a richer learning experience for our children.
We merge the national curriculum into, what we believe, are the Four Fundamental Areas of art:
-to observe and experience
-to plan in exciting ways
– to create and refine
– to reflect and celebrate
This enables children at Parklands School to express themselves creatively through a variety of media and techniques. Ultimately, we aim to establish and promote a life-long love of art.

Each unit of work is carefully planned to ensure the Four Fundamental Areas of art have been covered. By the time the children leave Parklands, they are left with a solid understanding of these areas and how they influence the artistic process. End goals are extremely important to us at Parklands and each unit of work will always finish with an exciting opportunity to showcase the skills they have been developing in a unique way.
By organising galleries, we ensure the children have opportunities to share and reflect upon their work regularly and celebrate the diversity of their artistic ideas. We do our best to provide extra-curricular activities such as school trips and visits from local artists. Every year, we hold an exciting art-inspired week where the children’s love of art is given the opportunity to blossom and grow.

• Children are given the opportunity to grow, refine and celebrate their skills through exciting learning opportunities
• Children build on artistic skills yearly which are informed by the progression of skills document
• Children are exposed to a rich variety of artists and techniques
• Children are given opportunities to celebrate their successes whilst gaining a love of art through exciting trips and experiences
• Children are supported in learning about how they can refine and reflect upon their own work and also the work of others
• Cross-curricular opportunities help to provide an enriched learning experience for the children
• Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively whilst following the Four Fundamental Areas of art to help them develop as artists