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At Parklands Community Primary School we are digital explorers!


Our Computing curriculum is designed to equip children with the digital-literacy skills necessary to enable them to communicate and create in the digital world. Pupils are challenged to be as creative as possible with what they produce, using computational thinking to understand how the world works. Creative computing skills are used in both computing lessons and across other subjects to expose the pupils to a wide range of media and digital technologies. They are provided with all the key foundation skills that they need to which are then looked at and applied to different aspects of computing.

Online safety is an increasingly prevalent topic and at Parklands School we aim to provide the pupils with the skills and understanding they need to stay safe and be socially responsible when they are online in any context. Pupils discover both the benefits and the risks of being online and how to deal with any worries that they may have surrounding the internet. At the centre of the learning is enabling the children to make independent choices in order to protect themselves online.


Pupils will explore different areas of the computing curriculum:

  • evaluating digital content, using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and identifying a range of ways to report concerns
  • the importance of online safety is shown through displays within the learning environment
  • learning how computers work and how to use technology to create, manipulate and retrieve digital content
  • design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals
  • parents are informed when issues relating to online safety arise and further information/support is provided if required
  • access to resources which aid in the acquisition of skills and knowledge


Children will be confident users of technology, able to use it to accomplish a wide variety of goals, both at home and in school.

Children will have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of the implications of technology and digital systems. This is important in a society where technologies and trends are rapidly evolving.

Children will have the knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe online