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MFL - French

At Parklands Community Primary School we are communicators and linguists!

We make French creative, cross curricular and enjoyable with an emphasis on relevant practical scenarios, encouraging the pupils to have the confidence to experiment with language.  Whether it be learning “Bonjour” in EYFS, up to holding a French conversation in Year 6, we are preparing the pupils to be able to communicate effectively in our diverse and multicultural world.

At Parklands School, we believe that our Modern Foreign Language Curriculum (MFL) can provide a valuable insight to different cultures and societies. We believe that the skills, knowledge and understanding gained through learning a foreign language make a major contribution to pupils’ understanding of their own cultures and those of others. Language learning also lies at the heart of ideas about individual identity and community. For this reason, language learning can give children a new perspective on their own language and cultural identity.

Pupils should be encouraged to be curious and ask questions about language.  They should be encouraged to recognise that language is at the heart of all learning.  It is how all information is received and communicated.  Through exploration, experimentation and enjoyment pupils should be helped to develop their confidence and independence in communicating effectively with others.

MFL promotes a passion for language and communication within a worldwide community.