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Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision (what we are trying to achieve)

Parklands will empower children to become happy, confident, successful citizens by providing a well-rounded education where everyone is valued.

Our Values (what we believe in)

We believe:

  • Everyone should be inspired to achieve their full potential through challenge, support and high expectations.
  • In nurturing an understanding and respect for all individuals.
  • All children learn best when actively involved in rich, creative and relevant learning experiences.
  • In promoting independence and responsibility.
  • That the school should be a safe, happy, and caring community that fosters friendships, trust and integrity.
  • That effective partnerships between children, staff, parents, governors and the local and international community will promote pride in the school and a successful learning environment.
  • All children are entitled to a rich variety of learning experiences that will meet their emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs.
  • That each child should understand the value of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Aims (what we will do to make all of this a reality)

  • To enable all children to achieve their full potential through high quality teaching and learning in a happy, safe, caring environment, where children are listened to and feel empowered as learners.
  • To provide a creative, exciting and inspiring curriculum with strong cross-curricular links; a curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant; that has a strong emphasis on personal and social development and one that is enriched by first hand experiences.
  • To recognise that every child is an individual with differing needs, cultures and beliefs. To provide opportunities that respect, support and celebrate these differences.
  • To make Parklands a truly community school, one in which the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the community are encouraged to play an active role.