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School Clubs

At Parklands Primary School we believe in developing an extended curriculum outside of the classroom. We have a number of clubs on offer to the children covering a diverse range of interests such as netball, football, choir, art and craft to name but a few.

Please see below for an example of the types of clubs:

Art Club and Craft Club

In this club children can create masterpieces that will amaze their friends and family! They will enjoy experimenting with a range of different art media and looking at a huge variety of styles to create their own pictures and projects. It is a great way to further develop skills and have fun with like minded creative people.

Football Clubs

If your child enjoys football and sport, these are the clubs for them!  Improve their ball control, shooting and passing through a variety of activities. The children play matches and learn about tactics and positions – all vital in making a successful football team.


Parklands Choir provides the opportunity for anyone in Key Stage 2 to enjoy singing with their peers. The emphasis is on enjoyment, whilst developing a range of skills. The children learn to sing with other people in harmony, become more confident in understanding musical notation and enjoy performing to others whilst learning a wide variety of songs, both modern and old.

Colouring Club

Parklands Colouring Club gives children the opportunity to relax and colouring. Children take pride in transforming a black and white picture into a beautiful work of art. Colouring also helps with children’s coordination and fine motor skills so children are practising these skills without even realising it!

Stay and Play Club

Stay and Play club gives children the opportunity to stay and play with friends. The children are able to play with construction sets to create the tallest tower, build their own train line or marble run, or perhaps create their favourite meal in the role play kitchen. There are a whole range of toys for the children to explore and play with whilst interacting with others.

Netball Club

Does your child what to develop your netball skills? The children will learn how to shoot, throw different passes, mark your opponents and all the vital game tactics that make netball such an exciting sport.  Netball also teaches children the importance of playing as part of a team and participating in matches.

Film Club

Allow your children to gain the cinema experience at school! At this club, children can enjoy a good film
with friends, chat about their favourite characters and discuss exciting film news.

Dance Clubs

Is your child often grooving to the beat? Then Dance club may be the club for them. This club allows children to experience belonging to a dance troupe; working together to create dances and learn new moves. Dancing helps children’s coordination skills as well as their sense of rhythm. They will also have the opportunity to performing to different audiences.

SAMA Karate Club

This is run by the SAMA Karate Organisation and is usually open to pupils from all year groups. Instructors take all individual skills, fitness, age and abilities into consideration and have many years experience under their belts. The classes are run on a progressive grade structure, where students start at the very beginning, working at their own pace. It is an ideal way for children to learn discipline, respect and self awareness in a safe, fun, and structured environment.